BAGSTER motorcycle tank cover KAWASAKI ER6 / 2012 2016


BAGSTER motorcycle tank cover KAWASAKI ER6 / 2012 2016


BAGSTER motorcycle tank cover for Kawasaki ER6 N F 2012 to 2016

  production on demand 1 to 3 weeks

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BAGSTER tank cover motorcycle for :

KAWASAKI ER6 2012/2016

BAGSTER proposes a wide range of tank protections, conceived specifically for every model of motorcycle, according to its shape and to its color.

The Bagster tank covers are realized in a PVC coated material, to increase their resistance and their longevity. This accessory presents a double utility:

- A reliable fixation support to hang on a clipped Bagster tank-bag
- A real protection of the painting of your tank against scratches and impacts

BAGSTER declines its models of cover following the different colors available for your motorcycle model (see list below)

Nota: this product being the object of a specific manufacturing, it is not exchangeable

Technical Characteristics :

- In coated resistant PVC material
- System of fixation by 4 points: 2 locking hooks + 2 school bags attach
- Easy to clean with soap and water
- French manufacturing

Ref. products + colors:

1627U - Bagster tank cover ER6 black 2012/2016
1627A - Bagster tank cover ER6 white/matt black 2012/2013 +13.51eur
1627B - Bagster tank cover ER6 yellow/matt black 2012/2013 +13.51eur
1627C - Bagster tank cover ER6 pearl green/matt black 2012/2013 +13.51eur
1627D - Bagster tank cover ER6 matt black/black 2012/2013 +13.51eur
1627E - Bagster tank cover ER6 black/matt black 2013 +13.51eur
1627F - Bagster tank cover ER6 red/matt black 2013 +13.51eur
1627G - Bagster tank cover ER6F matt black/candy green 2014 +13.51eur
1627H - Bagster tank cover ER6 matt black/pearl red 2014 +13.51eur
1627I  - Bagster tank cover ER6 matt black/front grey 2014 +13.51eur
1627J  - Bagster tank cover ER6N matt black/green 2014 +13.51eur
1627K - Bagster tank cover ER6 candy green/matt black 2015 +13.51eur
1627L  - Bagster tank cover ER6 dark red/black 2016 +13.51eur
1627M - Bagster tank cover ER6 black/pearl green/black & pearl green deco 2016 +22.51eur
1627N - Bagster tank cover ER6 black/white/black & white deco 2016 +13.51eur
1627O - Bagster tank cover ER6 black/matt black/ pearl green deco 2016 +36eur

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