BAGSTER Kawasaki Z1000 2014 2022 motorcycle comfort READY SPECIAL saddle - 5347ZL (original saddle must be provided)

BAGSTER comfort seat READY SPECIAL motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 2014 2022. The READY SPECIAL saddles are: mat and modern fabric. The silver strips give a very nice looking.

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BAGSTER Kawasaki Z1000 2014 2020 motorcycle comfort READY SPECIAL saddle - 5347ZL


342,00 €

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Availability: production on demand 1 to 3 weeks

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342,00 €

450,00 €


BAGSTER comfort seat READY SPECIAL motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 2014 to 2022

(Nota: not compatible on Z1000 SX model)

WARNING: on this saddle model it is necessary to provide BAGSTER with your original saddle to make the comfort saddle processed

The READY SPECIAL saddle is a high-end Bagster model, composed of a genuine quality saddle base in injected plastic, equipped then with a Bagster comfort foam and covered with a special outside cover, multi-materials and decorated. It improves the comfort and the dynamic preservation of the pilot and the passenger, and assures you a fantastic look thanks to a magnificent finish. In this BAGSTER special serial version, the French manufacturer suggests you choosing among several finishes, according to the color of your motorcycle, seeing pictures (option to be selected). The READY SPECIAL Bagster saddle assures you an excellent comfort in its standard version, compared to the genuine one, but you can also improve if need the quality of the assizes and endow it with any new options: - BULTEX foam (still increased the pilot and passenger comfort compared to the Bagster standard foam) - Bagster GEL inserts (ideal for the adventurers and the high travelers) - HEATING saddle (factory integrated system, compatible with the foam or the gel and that you can activate or not according to needs)

The ready SPECIAL Bagster range it's a very sport design, a specifically studied ergonomics, and technical options allowing to answer the expectations of the most demanding motorcyclists, for a pleasure of exceptional piloting.

Technical characteristics: - the READY SPECIAL BAGSTER saddle is one complete saddle which comes to replace the genuine saddle (no need to provide the original saddle) - saddle body in ABS thermoplastic as the genuine - bagster standard comfort or improved foam with BULTEX or GEL option - model 2 parts: 1 pilot saddle + 1 passenger saddle - design READY SPECIAL cover saddle in textile (design in option) - The heating saddle option includes the heating kit equipment of the pilote and passenger saddle, the internal cabling, the handlebars command case (3 positions of heat: 25% 50% 100%) and the BAGSTER mounting instructions

ref and colors: 5347ZLA matt Black/gloss Black/Orange 5347ZLB matt Black/gloss Black/Carbon 5347ZLC Black/Grey/Carbon/Green

NOTA: BAGSTER saddles are made to order, with the options selected, at BAGSTER France. Given the many options available, the manufacturing time may vary depending on the factory load at the time of the order (we indicate the average production time in the product sheet, it can vary from 2 to 6 weeks).

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