BAGSTER SWITCH'R winter apron for UNIVERSAL scooter - 7600


BAGSTER SWITCH'R winter apron for UNIVERSAL scooter - 7600


BAGSTER universal apron winter SWITCH'R for small Sym scooter 50 to 125 cm3. A universal apron with a adaptation on all the scooters thanks to its simple fast fixation system.

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BAGSTER UNIVERSAL SWITCH'R winter apron for scooter:

Recommended speed limit of 90km/h

Ref. : 7600

A universal apron with maximum modularity which allows adaptation to all scooters with displacements of 50cm3 to 125cm3 thanks to its simple and quick fastening system patented by BAGSTER.

This new concept of adaptable apron is fixed by straps: a main pull on the front of the scooter and two others at the bottom of each side.

A set of straps is provided to allow different possible combinations depending on the scooters.

A metal reinforcement allows resistance up to 90km/h at the bottom of the apron and on each side.

This reinforcement is easily foldable by hand to ensure clearance of the foot towards the rear of the apron and protection of the foot towards the front.

A small breastplate completes the pilot's protection with an elastic belt.

A rolling strap is available in the middle of the stretchy neoprene tablecloth.

Technical characteristics:

- Patented model
- Waterproof and water-repellent apron

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