SCORPION EXO-1400 CARBON AIR BEAUX carbon full-face motorcycle helmet matt White-Green Expand

SCORPION EXO-1400 CARBON AIR BEAUX carbon full-face motorcycle helmet matt White-Green

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395,90 €

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THE EXO 1400 CARBON AIR is the jewel of SCORPION's mark. A full-face helmet conceived in the spirit of the racing requirements for a road use version big luxury. A mastered weight of 1400gr thanks to its tri-composites fibers shell. A high technology, an incomparable comfort and a demon carbon look.

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THE EXO 1400 CARBON AIR stands out as the best of the SCORPION's collection. This full-face helmet integrates an Ultra TCT (Ultra Thermodynamical Composite Technology) fibers composite shell, a technology which allows a more progressive absorption of the shock in case of impact, while keeping a structure among the most resistant which are. Its multiple carbon pieces associated with the fiber make it even lighter, more resistant and glorify the set.
It proposes top of the range services: an helmet in your measures thanks to the Pump AirFit concept, an integrated solar screen, a MaxVision PINLOCK, a titanium Double-D ring, an hypoallergenic, felted and enveloping internal lining, very effective profiled aerations, a dismantling cheeks system in case of emergency ...
An aggressive look for this helmet, sculptured to pilot.

- External shell in tri-composites fibers with Ultra-TCT structure which offers a protection never reached in the universe of the helmet
- 3 sizes of skullcap
- Shell with triple density foam for a better absorption of the shocks
- Airfit System: the pump allows the pilot to personalize the adjustment of its helmet thanks to fillings of cheek, gone up on adjustable air cushions with additional sound mitigation
- Clear and anti-scratches main screen pre-equipped for Pinlock MaxVision
- Delivered with an additional dark smoked screen
- Retractable anti-fog internal solar screen
- Adjustable solar screen in height on 3 positions by means of a screwdriver for an ideal adaptation to the form of your nose
- MaxVision Pinlock included, anti-fog lense which extends up to the borders of the visor offering an optimal field of vision
- Ellip-Tec system of screen which still improves the ease and the speed of change of screen
- Kwikwick3 internal lining completely removable and washable, offering a better respirability of the skin thanks to an absorption of the more successful humidity
- Ventilation : openings of aeration indexed before and back adjustable with aerodynamic back spoiler
- Aerodynamic back spoiler reduce the uprising, create a depression and maximize the airflow through the helmet
- Emergency extraction system of cheeks's froths
- KwickFit easy passage for glasses
- Delivered with its Scorpion Exo Premium cover
- Jugular titanium double-D buckle
- Weight 1400gr (+/-50gr


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